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Why Is Instagram So Addictive?

  • A celebrity just shared her newborn baby’s close-up photo.
  • A much-loved chef shared his cooking lessons through IGTV.
  • Your best friend shared an Instagram story of her new apartment.
  • A well-known stylist posted a new bridal video.

And, the list goes on and on…

Such stories pop up on Instagram now and then. Instagram is a never-ending tale of whisperers, photographers, celebrities, commoners, and various artists. It came into the world in the year 2012.

But it has captured too many hearts, souls, and minds till now. There is not a single soul in this universe who doesn’t know about Instagram.

As far as you consider the numbers, Instagram has around 1 billion monthly users. People hit about 4 billion Instagram likes every day. There is no stoppage to that phenomenon. Earlier, a motto was- “give love, get love,” Now it got changed into “bestow like, accept like,”

The world is technologically shifting, and all we want is acceptance and appreciation. That’s what Instagram does. It gives all the love and cares you need in life.

Thereby, it is transforming an Instagram follower into a legit Instagram-addicted material.



  • A sudden urge to check your Instagram profile
  • You spend at least an hour per day surfing through various Instagram feeds
  • Only Instagram reels add the excitement in your life that you’ve been craving for so long now.
  • You obsessively try to engage in a particular Instagram activity. Be it #SavageChallenge






  • Instagram knows that it can turn a teenager into an addictive person in no time. Teenagers are the easiest to feel engrossed in a nick of time.
  • At times, an Instagram addict knows he/she has got addicted to the famous application. To beat it, he/she tries to delete the application. But the signs and symptoms of withdrawal show up. This withdrawal leads to the re-installation of the Instagram application.
  • Other important aspects of life like social relationships, work, and family time suffer.

  • Instagram should get ten on ten for becoming the classiest visual stimulation material for people of all age groups. There is no end to scrolling when it comes to visual-appealing reels, IGTV, stories, posts, or feeds on Instagram.
  • You waste insane amounts of time without realizing it on Instagram.
  • Various sophisticated and data-driven methods come to play when you think about giving up on the application.
  • Even for a regular social media platform user, the Instagram loop seems like a black hole. It is an escape into the unknown, and there is no way you can stop yourself from getting sucked into it.


How to save yourself from getting into the Instagram loop?

  • Delete the application before you know you are an addict
  • Concentrate on other essential things in your life
  • Pay close attention to the digital time and look for detox periods.
  • Avoid people who have nothing else to share or talk about other than Instagram.
  • If you are still using the application, check your activity. An average user spends around 55 minutes on the Instagram application. Make sure yours is not more than a few minutes to 15 minutes.

  • Whenever you feel like re-installing the application, go for real sports like badminton, carrom, chess, tennis, cricket, football, or basketball.

Channelize your energy into real outdoor games.