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Whatsapp Is Stealing Your Family Time

The only thing evolving in nature after nature is human relationships. With the advent of technology, human relationships have gone for a toss. Somehow the person communicating with you over WhatsApp seems more interesting than the person sitting in front of you. It is the magical aura of technology that has spoiled every human relationship.

Look at a family of 4. Both the parents work, the elder son works from home, and the younger son teaches students from home. In the evening, they all gather together to have tea and browse through the news of the Covid-19 Pandemic situation. Even then, all four of them engross themselves in their smartphones browsing through websites. If they are not surfing, then they are chatting with someone over WhatsApp.

Technological advancements have brought machines closer to humans than other humans.

Here are the top five reasons why WhatsApp is stealing your family time:


Unmonitored privacy violation

WhatsApp lets people chat with anybody they like/love/want. There is no supervision over chats. Here, a family member can get attached to a distant family member or someone from the school/college/office.

There is a lot of privacy violation. But there is nobody to monitor it. The extent of a family member’s attachment to someone other than a family member gets encouraged if there are quarrels or disgruntlement in the family.


Sharing funny videos

For the people who think WhatsApp is for negative people- it can only spread hurtful/ harmful/ taunting news/ jokes/ moments.

And there is nothing kind about it.

For the people who think WhatsApp is for spreading happiness- they spend their lives sharing funny videos. Only to make sad people happy.


Textual fights over groups

Some people in the family or outside the family think WhatsApp groups are for people who love to fight through texts. These textual fights consume a lot of time for the families individually.


Waiting period for replies

A teenager waits for the reply of his/her crush.

A husband waits for his wife.

A mother waits for her son.

There is no end to waiting periods in WhatsApp.

One could stare at the screen and wait for hours together. It leads to ignoring the family members before them.


Missing faraway individuals

Someone the star looks prettier than the lights hanging on the grill of your window. Meaning when the person is in front of you, you don’t give time, love, attention, care, and support to them. But when they leave you and go live somewhere else, you value them more than anything else in life.

These are the reasons why family time gets stolen by WhatsApp. Technology came into existence to make our lives easier. It did not come to break our relationships.

Family keeps on changing. Exactly, like an adult man grows up to become an old one. His family changes drastically. He once loved only his wife and children. Now, he loves his in-laws too.

Your family will not stay with you for long. It will keep on evolving as nature does. So, don’t let WhatsApp steal your family time. Give more time and love to your family than your keypad.