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What Does FYP Mean?


Modern-day social media users are popular for devising their language. They use acronyms for several words. For instance, laughing out loud became LOL, Okay became K, Nevermind became NVM, etc.

These are just a few examples of how youngsters today talk on social media. And the social media websites have not been far behind in making the experience more exciting. Platforms like Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp are popular for using such language. Instagram has even introduced several hashtags, stickers for this. One can understand the impact these things have on the digital world. This texting slang has existed since the internet started. People find it convenient to use them. Another famous app that uses such language is the famous Tiktok. Released in 2016, and soon being available in over 40 languages, this platform gained an audience quickly. People make small-length videos on this app to share with everyone. Other people can follow such makers and support them by interacting or giving an impression on the videos. Tiktok has been popular for many trends in the video industry. But it has also adapted to the acronym lingo of today’s netizens. You must have often heard about ‘FYP’ by users of TikTok. What exactly is it, and where is it found? Let us try to find out.


What Does FYP Mean?

The tag of ‘FYP’ is quite popular on the app TikTok. It has over 100 billion views on it and everyone who uses TikTok knows about it. The acronym simply means ‘For You Page’. If you have used other social media platforms, including Instagram and Facebook, you must have heard about the homepage. This For You Page is like the homepage or ‘feed’ or ‘explore’ of other social media apps. Here, you find the curated content especially for you that TikTok has picked. Of course, the app uses several artificial intelligence algorithms. It is also the landing page of your app. The number of accounts that view your video in this section, the more reach your account would have. This is because TikTok picks the content that more people are viewing recently and showcases them to others who are watching similar videos.

Therefore it is important to follow trends on TikTok and gain more followers and audience. Although it is unclear how the algorithm works, experts believe it is like that of Twitter and Instagram. The recommendation system of TikTok works on a basis of viewership, tags, and sharing. If your videos have more views, hashtags, and shares, it becomes one favorite of other users and also of TikTok. The personal feed is different for everyone. It means that your TikTok account would have a different one than your friend. It may have few common ones because of similar interests, but it can never be the same. Watch time is also another important consideration to get someone’s video on the For You Page. To feature on this page, it helps if other users that watch your videos till the end or watch it over one time. The algorithm of TikTok also considers the accounts with more followers.