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Deleting Resume from LinkedIn

Removing Your Resume on LinkedIn – Quick Guide

Want to erase your LinkedIn resume? Maybe it’s old or you want to update your profile. Removing it is pretty easy. This guide will show you how to delete your LinkedIn resume. It also covers other ways to manage your profile well.

LinkedIn is great for finding new opportunities. But, you need to keep your profile up-to-date. Taking down or changing your resume is key for a good profile. If your resume isn’t current, you can replace it or update other parts of your profile.

First, go to your LinkedIn profile to find your resume. You might see it on your profile page. Or, it could be in job applications you sent. By deleting or updating your resume, you show only the newest info to people who could hire you.

If taking your resume off LinkedIn doesn’t work the usual way, don’t worry. There are other ways in the platform’s settings and help sections to try.

Key Takeaways

  • It’s easy to remove your resume on LinkedIn to keep your profile fresh.
  • Just follow a few steps to take out old resumes from your LinkedIn uses.
  • Make sure your LinkedIn page shows what’s true about your work life now.
  • If you run into trouble, there are other ways to delete your resume too.
  • Always update your professional details to stay connected with your network.

Understanding the Importance of an Updated LinkedIn Profile

Keeping your LinkedIn updated can shape your career and boost your connections. It’s not just for those looking for jobs. Professionals aim to build trust and draw in possible bosses. Learn why it’s key to update your profile and the steps to handle stuff like resumes.

Step-by-Step Removal Process

To start the resume removal on LinkedIn, sign in first. Go to your profile and find where your resume is. You can edit or delete it there. These steps keep your profile fresh.

Navigating to Application Settings

Getting to your app settings on LinkedIn is easy. It’s key for looking after your career documents. Just click ‘Jobs’, then ‘Application Settings’. Here, update resumes and cover letters for employers.

Alternate Methods for Deletion

Ways to delete resumes on LinkedIn go beyond the basics. You can manage documents right on LinkedIn or with third-party apps. Every way helps keep your profile current.

Having an updated LinkedIn is vital for your career’s online presence. A strong online profile boosts your professional image. By keeping your profile current, you open doors to more career chances.

Uploading a New Resume to LinkedIn

To keep your LinkedIn profile shiny and attract employers, upload a fresh resume. This way, you shine more and show your latest work wins. We’ll walk you through step by step to update your resume on LinkedIn.

Selecting the Correct File

First, pick the right resume file for LinkedIn. Choose between PDF and Word, as they fit LinkedIn best. Keep your resume’s look in check to represent your best self online.

Fill in the Details for Your Resume

Add resume details on LinkedIn to create a strong professional story. Focus on your top skills, jobs, and big wins. This helps future bosses get to know what you offer quickly.

Finalizing the Upload

Before you finish, double-check all details in your resume. After uploading your resume, remember to save the changes. This makes your story visible to anyone interested in hiring.

Follow these simple steps to manage your professional image well on LinkedIn. You’ll always put your best foot forward.

adding resume to LinkedIn profile

Step Action Details
1 Select File Format Choose PDF or Docx to ensure compatibility.
2 Input Resume Details Include all essential information such as experiences, skills, and education.
3 Save Changes Review and save the changes to update your profile.

Troubleshooting Common Resume Deletion Issues

Deleting a resume on LinkedIn is hard for many users. It’s tough when you want to keep your profile fresh. This part will help you fix issues with deleting your resume on LinkedIn. It will give you tips to make the deletion process smoother. This way, you can make sure your LinkedIn page shows your latest work clearly.

Sometimes, a resume won’t delete right away. Or it might show up again after you delete it. This is often because of slow updates on LinkedIn’s servers. One easy fix is to clear your browser’s cache and cookies. Then try to delete the resume again. If it’s still there, using a different web browser or device might help.

Finding how to delete your resume can also be a problem. This is sometimes due to LinkedIn’s changes. Or you might not be looking in the right place. To fix this, make sure you’re on a desktop. Some features are hard to find on mobile phones. It’s also good to check LinkedIn’s help section for tips on using the site.

In short, learning these tips can help you delete your resume on LinkedIn. This will let you keep your profile professional and up to date. Remember, a current profile is key to moving forward in your career.


How do I delete my resume on LinkedIn?

To delete your resume on LinkedIn, go to your profile. Then, click “Edit”. Next, choose the “Featured” section and click the “More” icon. After that, select “Don’t show on profile” for your resume. Finally, save your changes.

Why is it important to keep my LinkedIn profile updated?

It’s important to update your LinkedIn profile for your career. With an updated profile, you show your skills and achievements. This makes you more likely to get noticed by employers and people in your field.

How can I access the application settings on LinkedIn?

First, click on the “Jobs” tab in the top bar. Next, choose “Saved Jobs” from the drop-down menu. Then, scroll to the “Application Settings” section and click the gear icon. You’ll be in your application settings to manage your resumes.

Are there any alternate methods for deleting my resume on LinkedIn?

There are other ways to delete your resume on LinkedIn. You can try removing it from your job applications. Also, try disconnecting any document hosting services. If you still have issues, contact LinkedIn support for help.

How do I upload a new resume to LinkedIn?

Upload a new resume on LinkedIn by going to your profile. Click “Add profile section” and choose “Featured”. Then, click the “+” icon and select “Media” to upload your resume. Lastly, add relevant details and click “Save” to complete the upload.

What file formats are compatible with LinkedIn resumes?

LinkedIn accepts several file formats for resumes. These include PDF, DOC, DOCX, PPT, PPTX, and ODT. For best results, save your resume as a PDF. This makes sure it looks professional and works well.

What details should I fill in for my resume on LinkedIn?

Fill in your LinkedIn resume with your job title and company’s name. Include when you worked and what you did. Add your skills and any important education. Keep it clear, honest, and interesting for employers.

How do I complete the upload of my new resume on LinkedIn?

To finish uploading a new resume on LinkedIn, check your details and file. Then, click “Save”. This makes your new resume viewable by others.

What are some common issues when deleting a resume on LinkedIn?

Sometimes, users face issues deleting resumes on LinkedIn. Problems can include trouble finding the delete option, errors in saving, or the resume still showing. Try clearing your browser cache, checking your internet, or asking LinkedIn for help.

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