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Pinterest Is The King Of All Social Media Platforms- How?

All over the world, the 14th hugest social media platform is Pinterest. It has photos of Instagram, messages of Telegram, videos of Facebook, quotes of Tumblr, and life hacks like no other. When you get all the features in one platform, wouldn’t you want to spend more time on it? Well, that’s what Pinterest does in the digital space.

Here are 15 reasons why Pinterest is one of the most popular kings of all social media platforms-

  1. More than 450 million monthly users
  2. Seven out of ten Pinterest users are females.
  3. Pinterest welcomes every and any brand.
  4. Around 85 percent of Pinterest users save pins on their smartphones.
  5. Over the 11 years of Pinterest’s life span, nearly 240 billion pins got saved on smartphones.
  6. Millennials love Pinterest, and they cannot do without it.
  7. Eight out of ten mothers rely on Pinterest for life hacks, costumes, dresses, ideas for celebration, and the like.
  8. A Pinterest lover spends an average time of 4 minutes and 50 seconds on the application.
  9. In a month, nearly 600 million visual searches occur using the Pinterest lens.
  10. Pinterest is the abode of Inspiration, Motivation, and Perseverance.
  11. One of the hugest spots for sharing media files.
  12. Around 66 percent of the Pinterest users are females between the age group of 25 to 55.
  13. A hub spot for the latest trends in clothing, food, life hack, design, drawing, beautification, and the like.
  14. One of the best searches delivering the best options on all the social media platforms.
  15. Pinterest understands the user better than anybody else.

Pinterest can search for inspiration, browse, save, and share it as well. There is no other social media platform like Pinterest which has the best options for a search. It syncs the search history in such a way that it grips you to the core. You find it difficult to leave your smartphone. The information on Pinterest is vivid, unique, user-driven, and descriptive.



Creating content that will leave a mark on the souls of conquerors is what Pinterest is all about. More than 95 percent of the searches on Pinterest are not from branded businesses. Starting, surviving, and thriving your business becomes all the more fun on Pinterest. Thanks to the welcoming gesture of Pinterest for new entrepreneurs.

Most people use Pinterest for ideas. An idea is what makes a social media platform the king of all of them. A business begins with an idea. Pinterest recognizes and appreciates the notion in you. Before you reach your competitors, Pinterest will help you reach your target audience.



People hunt various things over Pinterest. Their never-ending quest for information, images, quotes, materials, life hacks, and the like gets fulfilled in Pinterest. Pinterest is hence, the king of all social media platforms. For it possesses every social media platform’s taste, collection, and format. Plus, Pinterest doesn’t mind if you have 10 or 1 million followers. If you are on Pinterest, you have everything you need.