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How to Add Sound to Tiktok?


The popular Chinese app Douyin is as popular in the rest of the world as TikTok. Based on a similar idea as Instagram, this social media website lets users share videos on its platform. People watch these videos and can help their favorite makers become popular. There are plenty of people who gained fame with the help of TikTok and are earning millions.

This app is available all around the world in nearly 40 languages. The success of TikTok has been massive. It has even helped its founder gain over $60 billion worth of money, making him one of the richest people alive in the world. People usually use TikTok to make short videos related to parody, drama, dance, comedy, education, etc.

Few people know this but TikTok is owned by ByteDance, a Chinese company that also makes several other apps. If you have stuck by it for several years, you might know its older version too. Earlier known as, this app changed its name a few years back. And with a new name, they reached massive heights. Some users also perform impromptu acting by lip-syncing or mimicking. The app’s interface is well built and smooth to use. Let us now see how you can add a soundtrack to TikTok.


How to Add Sound to TikTok?

For adding sound to TikTok, you note that it no longer lets you upload your sound. Earlier, as its prime feature was to let people make lip-sync videos. Hence, videos play a vital role in Tiktok. If you still want to upload your soundtrack to the video, get creative.

First, make your TikTok video the way you want to. Keep the lighting in place and the movement stable. No one likes a shaky video. Record your sound or get the sound that you wish to add to the video. It could be a song, Voice over, recording, etc.

Go back to the video you made and with the help of a plus symbol, add on the soundtrack you made. Now, all you need to do is to mute or remove any sound from the video. This will help you eliminate any background noise or unwanted sound. Now that both files are out there, you just need to place the audio track precisely. If it is a Voice over, make sure it moves as you speak. Any mismatch makes the video lose its value. If you want to upload this video, you can put it out on TikTok, or save it again and upload it on some other social networking site. They shoot TikTok videos in portrait mode, which allows users to upload them anywhere they wish. Mostly, people like to repost their TikTok videos on Instagram to gain extra followers and audience. If you feel the soundtrack you added in the video does not appeal well enough, you can put the entire video in some video editor to enhance the sound. If it is a piece of music, try replacing the music with another one or download it from a separate source. This should resolve the issue and let you play it smoothly.