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LinkedIn Verification

Get Verified on LinkedIn: A Step-by-Step Guide

Want to improve how people see you professionally and up your ability to connect? Trying to get your LinkedIn account verified could be just the key. With our easy, step-by-step guide, you can nab your LinkedIn checkmark fast. In no more than 10 minutes, show the world you’re a trusted player on this top-notch networking site.

To get that LinkedIn checkmark, you’ll need a few things first: your passport, a phone that does NFC, and a quick selfie. Just go to your profile settings to get started. You’ll scan your ID, take a selfie, and that’s it. You get a badge that proves you’re real and improves your standing in the working world.

Key Takeaways

  • Getting verified boosts how others see you in your professional life.
  • You’ll need a passport, an NFC-capable phone, and a selfie to kick things off.
  • Head to your profile settings to get going on getting your badge.
  • As part of the process, you’ll do an ID scan and selfie verify.
  • The last move is to share your verified details to get your badge.

Understanding LinkedIn Verification

LinkedIn verification boosts user credit and authenticity on the site. Getting a verification badge shows your identity, job, and school info is real. It helps build stronger professional ties and trust on LinkedIn.

Identity verification checks your info against official documents. It’s done with help from trusted third parties. This keeps your data safe and authentic.

Also, workplace and education checks ensure your job and school are real. The checks look at specific details to make sure what you say on your profile is true.

Getting a verification badge is not a must. But, it does make your LinkedIn profile more professional. It makes networking and talking with others easier and more meaningful.

Verification Aspect Verification Criteria Benefits
Identity Verification Government documents matched with profile Confirms user authenticity
Workplace Verification Current employment details checked Enhances professional credibility
Educational Institution Verification Verification of academic affiliations Validates educational background

How to Get Verified on LinkedIn

Starting your path to get verified on LinkedIn makes you look serious and real to others. First, make sure you’re ready before you start.

Preparation: What You Need Before You Start

Get ready by having important things ready. You need a passport and a phone that can use NFC. These are needed to check your ID and do other important steps.

Navigating Your Profile Settings

It’s easy to find the verification process on LinkedIn. Just go to your profile and click on “More.” Then choose “About this profile” and click on “Get verified.” This starts the process to prove who you are.

Scanning Your ID: A Closer Look

Next, scan your ID using your NFC phone. You need to scan the QR code on your ID. This makes sure your ID really belongs to you, with special programs like CLEAR or Persona.

Completing the Selfie Check

The selfie check is very important for LinkedIn’s check. Take a selfie in good light. This step makes sure your picture fits how you really look, following LinkedIn’s rules for photos.

Sharing Your Verified Info

After all the steps, you’ll be asked to tell LinkedIn it’s okay to show you’re verified. LinkedIn will then put a verification badge on your profile. This badge tells people you are who you say you are.

LinkedIn Verification Process

Getting a Verification Badge helps others trust you more and see you better on LinkedIn. Here’s the key things you need for the process:

Requirement Description Importance
Passport Government-issued ID for identity verification Essential for proving real-world identity
NFC-enabled Phone Device for scanning ID and QR codes Needed for digital verification steps
Selfie in a well-lit location Personal photo verification Confirms identity authenticity visually

Using these things right helps you show who you are safely on LinkedIn. Being verified not only proves you are serious, but it also helps you connect better with others on the platform.

Common Hurdles in the LinkedIn Verification Process

Many professionals try to get a verification badge on LinkedIn for more credibility. But, getting this badge isn’t always easy. Some users find it hard because their LinkedIn name doesn’t exactly match their ID name. LinkedIn is a bit flexible with name differences, but this issue can still pop up.

Taking a good selfie is also key. It has to be clear and taken in good light. Otherwise, you might face problems. Also, some people worry about sharing their personal details. But, not sharing verified info can make getting the badge harder.

Problems with technology are common too. These can slow down the whole process. So, checking your technology before you start can save you from these headaches. By being prepared and knowing what to expect, you can make the verification process smoother and enhance your LinkedIn profile.


How can I get verified on LinkedIn?

Getting verified on LinkedIn is easy. Just follow these steps. First, go to your profile settings. Then, use your phone to scan your ID. Next, take a selfie and you’re almost there. Finally, share your verified info.

What information can I verify on my LinkedIn profile?

With LinkedIn verification, you can confirm your identity, where you work, and where you study. This makes your profile more trustworthy.

What do I need to prepare before starting the LinkedIn verification process?

To start verification, you’ll need a valid passport, an NFC phone, and a clear selfie.

How do I navigate to my profile settings on LinkedIn?

Click the “More” button on your profile page. Select “About this profile.” There, you can start the verification process by clicking “Get verified.”

How does scanning my ID work in the verification process?

LinkedIn uses services like CLEAR or Persona to confirm your identity. They match your ID and profile details.

How do I complete the selfie check during the verification process?

For the selfie check, take a photo to confirm it’s you. Make sure you’re in a well-lit place for a clear picture.

Can I choose not to share my verified information on LinkedIn?

You must share your verified info to complete verification. Not doing so may lead to issues.

What if there is a name mismatch between my LinkedIn profile and my ID?

It’s crucial your LinkedIn name matches your ID. Minor differences might be fine. But, large mismatches can cause problems.

What if the quality of my selfie is not clear?

Take your selfie in good light for a clear picture. A blurry selfie can cause verification problems.

What happens if there are technical issues during the verification process?

If you have technical problems, contact LinkedIn support. They can help fix the issue.

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