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Social Media Services to Beat Your Opponents

4 Social Media Services to Beat Your Opponents

Social Media has become a platform for businesses to grow their brand name by directly connecting with their audience. More and more businesses today use different social media platforms to make important announcements, run promotional campaigns, and take customer feedback. The rise of marketing on social media has made it a monetized practice. The competition between companies is also increasing on social media, which brings us to our topic. Here are four services that can help you stay ahead of your opponents on social media.

Schedule your posts with Agora Pulse

Agora Pulse can provide highly comfortable social media management. It can take care of all your posts and schedule them not to miss the peak hours when your audience will be online. You can schedule your posts for platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram with ease. Agora Pulse also provides other interesting features like a detailed analysis of all the platforms you use. Plus, you can also share your new content and run promotions while managing them directly from this platform. You can try the free version before investing money in this must-have tool.

Track your links using Bitly


Bitly is a link tracking specific tool that is a must-have pocket-friendly tool for any business. It can help you track tons of useful data automatically. You can copy a live link to any new post that you create and submit it in the tool. Bitly will create a shorter link that can help you look neat and also provide the right link to the original content. It will also help you in tracking who clicked your link on platforms like Facebook and Twitter. You can create an account for free to check out all its features.

Quintly for analytics

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Quintly is also a popular social media marketing tool that helps in obtaining the right analytics on each platform. It can help you optimize your social media content by giving you the right analysis for what trends. You can also use Quintly to compare your results with your competitors to find out how well you did. You can use Quintly for free without giving any credit card information, which is another good thing about this tool.


MeetEdgar is another content scheduling tool that can help you post your content on time. It also has a feature that records your top recognized content and posts it over and over again. It saves you the time and money to check the most trending posts and post them so more people can see your posts. MeetEdgar is a marketing-specific tool that will let your best content reach out to more people every week. You can sign up on the platform for free and check out its features. With MeetEdgar, you can leave your worry about reaching a new audience and work on other strategies.